General Information

Ronald Kirk Bridge and the Felix H. Lozada, Sr. Gateway (Formally known as Continental Avenue Bridge and West Dallas Gateway)  will be an enjoyable place for everyone. In order to maintain a clean, safe and active park, we ask that you be considerate of your fellow friends, watch your belongings, and keep your family and friends in sight and off railings. Visitors must comply with directions from staff.


It is the goal to provide open and free recreation to all citizens and visitors. If your organization is interested in hosting a special event, please contact 214-671-9500. Trinity Watershed Management staff will assist you with your special event; however, all special events will require permitting the Office of Special Events. Please see the link to learn more about special event permitting.


This water wise landscape is still growing! Enjoy open areas without entering flowerbeds or plantings. If you want to play in the nearby grass and wildflowers, we encourage you to use the Trinity Floodway, under Continental Bridge and West Dallas Gateway, along the Trinity Skyline Trail.


Sports activities are encouraged in the Trinity Floodway, under Ronald Kirk Bridge and West Dallas Gateway, along the Trinity Skyline Trail. Bicycle and pedestrian pathways are shared use with visitors and those traveling across the Trinity River. Please pay attention and be courteous of your fellow users.


Please keep our park clean. Place all recyclables and waste in the appropriate receptacles. Rummaging in trash is prohibited.

The following are prohibited

  • Panhandling
  • Soliciting
  • Commercial activity
  • Excessive noise
  • Camping
  • Open Flame
  • Erecting tents or other structures
  • Driving stakes or poles into the ground
  • Barbecue grills
  • Feeding birds
  • Glass bottles
  • Unauthorized vendors